Help us to help others by donating

The majority of parents who live in Wakiso can afford to educate their children in schools around Wakiso. However, there will always be some parents who struggle and need additional support. As a result of this namugga mable foundation runs an extensive sponsorship program ensuring that there truly is access to education for all.

Why donate?

By donating, you empower a child to create a brighter future for themselves, their families and their communities.
By offering education, healthcare, nourishment, access to clean water, and essential provisions, you help to equip the child with the necessary resources to flourish and fulfill their dreams.
By donating through namugga mable foundation, you are supporting families who would otherwise struggle to send their children to their local schools; allowing them to focus more on the most important aspect of school, which is learning.

What do the donations cover?

School feeding.The funds we receive aid in acquiring food for the children at Trey Junior School, enhancing their immune health.
Teachers salary.The received funds enable us to compensate the teachers at Trey Junior School for their dedication and hard work in imparting education and skills to the children by covering their salaries.
Teacchers rent.Supporting teachers with housing payments serves as a motivation for them to exert greater effort in their work.
Utilities.The funds we receive contribute to covering essential utilities like medical expenses, water, electricity, and office materials, ensuring the smooth operation of the school.


How to donate.

Payment through a donation link .

Donate to Namugga Mable Foundation through our US partner organization, A More Balanced World.You can also choose to be a monthly donor
To donate, click on the button and complete the form.
When donating, please be sure to select “NMF Uganda” in the dropdown box.

Payment to bank account.

Bank Country: uganda 
Bank Name: centenary bank
Bank address: wakiso 
City of Bank: wakiso
Country of Bank: uganda
Recipient Acct#:3100097005
Currency: shillings 
Name: Namugga mable foundation limited
Address: wakiso
City: wakiso 
Province/Region: wakiso