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Trey junior school has 14 staff members and has a total of 143 students. At school we have classes, prayers co-curricular activities and art and crafts. We have four houses at Trey that is Smith, Bowman, Troy and Campbel. We also have been on a program of Troy Educating 20 children at Trey Junior School by buying them shoes, uniforms, and buying them food. Trey Junior School is our biggest success story as we started the school from the poor structures. We also managed to get children from the stone quarry to school with school materials.

We have managed to get electricity by the support of Eric cancer initiative. We have managed to get water to school by Lori and Rob Rollins. By the help of Dear Future and Sara, and Smile I Stutter we managed to fundraise to construct the school. By the help of the Unitive Justice, we have managed to construct our first Unitive Justice school in Uganda. They have managed to help in the construction and sustaining the school. The unitive justice has helped us to introduce classes on making our school a better place we’re teachers are undergoing classes and facilitator classes which has made our school and community a better place.



Your donation or gift will sponsor and offer the children life-changing interventions, such as access to medical care, educational support, life skills and training for the children at Trey Junior School.