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Trey Junior School, with 14 staff members and 156 pupils, encompasses classes, prayers, co-curricular activities, and art and crafts. The school is divided into four houses: Smith, Bowman, Troy, and Campbell. Notably, a program sponsored by Troy has supported the education of 20 children at Trey, providing shoes, uniforms, and food. This initiative stands as a remarkable success, especially considering the humble beginnings of the school’s infrastructure. Additionally, efforts from various sources, such as the Eric Cancer Initiative for electricity and Lori and Rob Rollins for water, have significantly improved the school. Collaborative support from Dear Future, Sara, Smile I Stutter, and Unitive Justice has played a pivotal role in fundraising, constructing, and sustaining the school. Unitive Justice, in particular, has introduced classes and facilitator sessions, contributing to the continuous enhancement of both the school and the surrounding community. Smile I Stutter’s involvement has been notable in supporting projects like windows and doors.In addition, Station Camp has made a valuable contribution to Trey Junior School by supporting the purchase of food. This collaborative effort further strengthens the school’s initiatives and emphasizes the community’s commitment to the well-being of its pupils.

Your donation or gift will sponsor and offer the children life-changing interventions, such as access to medical care, educational support, life skills and training for the children at Trey Junior School.